What’s New With Google Maps

When someone from a small town talks about growing up and succeeding they’ll usually say something about “putting their city on the map.” If you’re not on a map then how are people going to know you exist? The same goes for businesses. Today the most important map is probably the one Google offers. Millions of users go to this map every day to find their way around the world. They also use it to research for SEO in Asia. If you own a business with a physical location you need to get it on the map. Recently it was announced that Google has updated their map service. Whether you’re on it now or not you should pay attention if you want people to know where you are.

The new program offers a lot of new features for users to enjoy. You can now view maps in a new fullscreen mode. It also offers automatic comparisons so travelers know how to get places as quickly as possible. Google has also implemented new vector graphics to speed up the loading process. The new program is also available on the iPad so users can go from space to their current location while on the go. It all helps solidify Google’s standing in the marketplace as the leading option for exploring the world via computer. Which goes to show that you need to be on it if you want to maximize your potential.

You’re probably wondering how this affects your business. For one thing Google is expanding its services to go up against other location based sites. You’ll be able to explore different location categories like stores, restaurants and cafes. Currently they’re broken down into Eat, Drink, Shop, Play, and Sleep. Google is clearly looking to be a one stop site for all your local needs. Google maps may even replace sites like Yelp depending on how the public reacts to the new service. This is big news to local businesses.

Google has implemented a new info card tool to display relevant information about businesses that show up on the map. This includes address, hours of operation, a URL, phone number, reviews and photos. It’s really pretty much everything you might want to know when searching for local businesses. If you own one you need to make sure that your info card is full. You don’t want people searching for you but turning away because they can’t find out what you’re about. Also make sure that all the information is correct so people know how to find and contact you. The last thing you want is missed opportunities.

One important aspect of the new Map tool is its emphasis on reviews. There’s a new star system that is displayed when people pull up info cards. Make sure you’re encouraging people to give you positive reviews. You don’t want a few negative reviews to tank public perception of your business. Take some time and explore the new Maps tool and you’ll quickly see the potential. Managing how your business appears on this page could be as important as working on your Yelp page and other similar SEO guaranteed results. You always want to create a good impression no matter how searchers find your business.