Where Is The World Going To In Name Education!??!

Education is the key to success. People might tell that a person with joint education is not a valuable person and he is not reposted. Today almost three of the fourth population is just receiving education. But the real question is how important and relevant is the education. It is hard to see kids crying and doing. There are several videos of American and Indian kids crying about the hard and long home works. Several child psychologist found that children’s must be allowed to up in their own style. Kids are designed to play in the ground, be curious about the world around them and questions the life around them. But, in the present context; they cannot find time after writing those long lessons of homework. Homework should be fun.

Moreover, it does not make sense as of why kids are trained do hard just at small age. When they need to know something everyone has smart phones and they can just find it in Google. If they having a product, and trying to make advertisements, they can go to digital agency and then have contact with SEO consultants. People are just pushing the small kids to do more than there were reared to do. Human beings are striving to excellence but by destroying the whole content about childhood and things like humanity.

A huge building is built on the inexistent humanity. There are killing each other in name of finding peace. It is funny because the whole thing is an irony where the people are fighting to preserve something that is already lost. People are killing lie the heartless people they are. Kids are forced to do things – from school homework to abuse and facing the ugly effects of wars. It is totally heart breaking to find kids being forced to watch their parents being killed or abused or even raped. Kids are being abused and the rest of the world is just turnings into heartless monsters who are just feeding on the kid and his or her fear.

This is not at all good because this is affecting the psychological well-being of the people as well as kids and they will not see the extent to which damage is done. We are asked to learn history because we should make sure that the history do not repeats itself and gives the outrageous results. For example, Hitler was a good kid. He was abused by a Jew his mom was working for. The abuse was so raw in his mind that when he got the political power, his good nature was overthrown by the bad one which wanted revenge. He just generalised thinking that all Jews are bad people and they are abusing someone. For more info about digital agency Abu Dhabi, visit this site.